Booty Challenge (Members Only)

Booty Challenge (Members Only)

Join us for next 30 day to get you booty on point! This is an ad-on product please, make sure you have a full membership for a full access.

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Booty Challenge (Members Only)

4 Videos

  • Booty Challenge Intro

    Over newt month starting August 4th, we will take you on 12 workout journey to work on your booty! During this time we will see you in live classes as well as we will provide pre recorded detailed workout instructions, using just bands, dumbbells or body weight. (If you have ankle weights we coul...

  • Booty Day 1 Live (Tuesday)

  • Booty Day 2 (Thursday)

    For intermediate/ advanced members, perform the workouts 2 or 3 times in 1 day. It can be done back to back, or broken up to morning and evening.

  • Booty Day 3 (Saturday)