Booty Focused Workout Plan

This is a series of 8 videos for you to follow through the month in addition to live classes and in person workouts.

In description of each video we provide suggestions on when it would be most effective for you to perform each workout!

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  • Booty Workout 1

    This is a stand alone workout! We want you to do it on the first day youll start this program!

  • Booty Workout 2

    For intermediate/ advanced members, perform the workouts 2 or 3 times in 1 day. It can be done back to back, or broken up to morning and evening. As well as it can be performed right after live class.

  • Booty Workout 3

    This is a full length workout, you'll be doing this workout on your second week.

  • Booty Workout 4

    Perform this glute focused workout in addition to a live class or any other workouts that day!

  • Booty Workout 5

    Full lower body workout you'll perform in the beginning of your week 3 training!

  • Booty Workout 6

    This is second workout in week 3. Please make sure you do this workout in addition to your regular training plan with us!

  • Booty Workout 7

    this is a full 45 minute intense glute focused workout. should be performed in the beginning of week 4 on its own.

  • Booty Workout 8

    Final workout of this month, before you'll repeat the program next month. Please do this right after on of our live or prerecorded workouts! Start with Booty Workout 1 + 2 next week in the same day!