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Kollins has been in the fitness industry for nearly two decades, molding clients and leading facilities to be successful. Born in Russia and later moving to Thailand at 10 years old, Kollins is the franchise owner of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.


He’s helped the company to open gyms in many locations including: Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and Tampa among others. Introduced to Muay Thai at the age of 12 and continuing to sharpen his skills over the years in boxing, Kollins has built an impressive reputation in the fitness world, appearing in publications like Men’s Journal,

Shape Magazine, and Oxygen Magazine as well as being interviewed by numerous Los Angeles-area television stations including: KTLA 5, Fox 11, ABC, Good Day LA and CBS. Kollins, who has trained several of Hollywood’s bright stars, is a champion of the vegan lifestyle, showing

an impressive physique can be built on a plant-based diet

Kollins Ezekh

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Natalie Marie Corbin

Natalie Marie Corbin is an interior designer turned personal trainer based in Los Angeles, California.


After packing up her car and leaving her home state

of Pennsylvania in 2017, she began incorporating

boxing into her fitness and nutrition background.


In that time, Natalie has gained clients drawn to her fighting spirit, mental strength and wealth of health

and fitness knowledge. She and Kollins Ezekh have traveled the world to showcase their love for the sport

of boxing, strapping on gloves and doing mitt sessions

on the Great Wall of China, in front of Stonehenge and the Golden Gate Bridge among other iconic landmarks

We are the most close-knit team that compliments each other


Our wealth of knowledge in fitness and nutrition will help everyone succeed. We are trusted by so many, including celebrities.


We are amazed by the results of our clients from

all over the world! We are interviewed by various publishers and on TV because of our energy and knowledge! 


For those who don't have the opportunity

to be physically close to us, we have created

the Built By God TV app, where we have

invested our time to bring you online training

and live workouts via zoom.


There's always a connection with us!